Here’s My Story

Mikael Tursov

My name is Mikael Tursov, and I’ve spent nine years assisting wildlife through conservations in Australia, Kenya, and central Europe.

I’ve always held down the standard, humdrum nine-to-five, but throughout the years and my experience, I’ve been able to get close to some truly fantastic creatures.

I didn’t grow up around animals, either.

We didn’t even have a family dog. My father and I did love watching Animal Planet though, and that always interested me.

Then I started travelling during my university years, and always found myself interested in the local wildlife wherever I went.

What surprised me was that people kept some animals as pets that I did not assume could be kept as pets, and that countless times, I heard from conservationists that people were doing it wrong.

That’s not a fun thing to hear.

There’s just not enough information out there about purchasing and caring for exotic animals, which is why I made this time—to help you, and ensure these animals get the best possible owner that they can, so they can lead a full and happy life.

I’m going to cover everything from national laws to shipping and more, just so you know the process from start to finish, and every day after.

Allow me to help you give the exotic animal of your dreams the best home environment imaginable.